Melding With God

Melding With God
Who Are We Really?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wondering Who You Are?

Self-realization begins for all of us at a different age.  For some that is while we are still in the womb, for others it doesn't occur to us until we are ready to join Jesus.

The most important answer to this question of course is making this discovery when you still have the time and motivation to correct what you don't like about yourself or when you realize there are aspects of your personality which are so offensive to those you share time with in this World that communicating satisfactorily with them is impossible and is hindering your progress and their's in your separate or joined goals.
Will you see yourself in your son?

For a majority of us, just keeping pace with the rest of the World and 'Our World' takes up most of our time in just surviving.  Usually, only those with a lot of spare time or seclusion even realize that perhaps there is a place within us which could be tweaked and the result would be phenomenal in personal relationships as well as how we feel about ourselves.

Learning to trust our own instincts must first be realized before choosing to change or redirect our energies differently than where we've been heading until that self-realization takes place.

If you discover upon the birth of your child that what the child sees more than what we tell him/her will determine his/her future......that child will benefit by your knowledge and future actions.

Please share whether or not you have had these thoughts and what you changed, if anything, to redirect your life.

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